Evening Blues

Hola !!!

Firstly I need to apologize , I’m sorry for disappearing for soo many days.

 I was not really well and then there were personal issues because of which I couldn’t make it but then I’ll not do that again people .

So here I am again with my new post on “Evening Blues” , It’s basically about a Casual Evening look.

I love this look since it’s very comfortable and stylish. I’ve this denim shirt which is Light blue like Light Sky blue which is open from the shoulders side , I don’t really know how to say it , you can see it in the pictures .

Denim Shirts are back in trend , They make us love the Blues .

This is very light material of denim which I’m wearing and it’s still amazing. Perfect look for Monsoon evening. I bought this shirt from Borivali , there are many local shops out there and its affordable.

I paired it with my High Waist Jeans , which really don’t look like a High waist since the Tshrt I’m wearing is long than a crop top but then I’ll be soon coming up with crop and high waist trends.

And I took my black bag which has golden chain which looks Awesome !

And goes with everything you wear. And I pulled out my black sandals which you already noticed in my last post. I wore a ring which I bought from seller at  Local train , there aren’t great collection there but sometimes It’s worth a try.

And then you’re ready to go with this Evening casual look , Yes offcourse apply your Kajal and Red Lipstick to complete the look but I would suggest to keep it simple and sexy 🙂

That’s all about ‘The Evening Blues’

If you like my post give it a thumbs up and comment below of anything you want me to do . Mail me @ nadar.jemmy94@gmail.com

This is Theheroineee signing off

stay tuned



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