What I tried – Birthday Dress Hunt !!

Hello lovely people !

I hope you all are doing well . Today’s story is something we go through during ‘A Birthday month’ . Be it your parents birthday , siblings birthday or friends birthday , your boyfriend or girlfriend birthday and especially your own birthday (that’s a long list ) . We are a confused race , totally blank about what to dress ? On a birthday occasion . And the same happened with me a week ago it took me over 4 hours to buy a dress . I told myself ‘ Jemmy Nadar you’re hopeless ‘ what’s wrong with me ?  But the reason is this – There’s these pictures which I’ll put in the story of what I tried and they’re totally amazing ! I wish I had a debit card with millions of balance to buy those pretty ,sexy and hot dress waiting for me But Alas! It’s only just a dream. I was budget zoned , yeah we all decide a specific budget in which we want to buy the best stuffs . Make the most of the money . So coming back to the point I have these pictures of the dress which you can wear on any occasion or you can say the must have for a lady .

FullSizeRender (3)
Elegant Orange – AND

This is the limited edition Orange gown with a side slit from AND collection which looks amazing , this can be a must have for a evening party or a romantic date . Accessorize with golden accessories and you’d look stunning !

Price : INR 2200 /-

Place : Pantaloons – AND collection

Navy Blue Gown - AND
Navy Blue Gown – AND

  The another limited edition collection from AND is this amazing Navy Blue Gown with a side slit complimenting it with a golden metallic belt around upper waist looks Classy & Hot after trying it . A golden pumps or red pumps will look killer with it .

Price : INR 2500 /-

Place : Pantaloons – AND collection

A brown nude gown – AND

A brown nude gown with this amazing design from AND with side slits on both the side . I loveeeddd it ❤ . This gown says ” Want to look sexy ? Have me ! ” .

Price :  I don’t really remember the price but it ranges between INR 2500-3000

Place : Pantaloons – AND collection

FullSizeRender (1)
Peach Goddess dress – AND

While selecting dress to try , I dashed into this amazing dress again from the AND collection which looked like a Peach Goddess dress to come and I couldn’t resist myself from trying it and I guess , I made a right choice . This Dress is comfortable, classy and cute . It has a combination of grey and peach pattern at the front . Backside its a like a long plain peach gown .

Price : INR 3000

Place : Pantaloons – AND collection

Monochrome - Forever 21
Monochrome – Forever21

Last but not the least , came across to this cute short dress from Forever21. I paired it up with Boots from Forever21 . This look is a good for a casual outing with friends or famiy .

Dress : INR 1200-1500 , Boots : INR 1600 – Forever21

So that’s all about What I tried – Birthday Dress Hunt .

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Thanks alot for reading .



The Heroineee signing off – Have It , Flaunt It .

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