The Bra Top – Inspired by #Vogue

Holla people !

Today’s story is inspired by the latest trend which you should try this 2016 ,  I guess you ain’t familiar with it  . No problem so I was going through #Vogue website and I saw this post on the Fashion , trend section . It said  Ready to Bare (Almost All)? The Bra Top Is In for Spring ’16


The Bra Top trend means basically wearing your bra as your top. It’s like crop top , the difference is you’re wearing your bra , visible to everyone as a ‘top’.

My first reaction was “ urghh really ? Then as you know we female are the breed who keeps on thinking and imagining something which we found different . Unless we come to some conclusion and so I did ! yayyyy “

Being a fashion blogger, I need to think something creative and innovative for you people , so that I can give you some advice how can you apply this trend , Obviously in your budget .

So here’s the look , I created  inspired by the #Vogue Ready to bare – The Bra Top

 Well it’s very simple yet an appealing look . It’s all street shopped clothes . Wore this Black colored long hand transparent Shirt , Inside wore a Black color #bralette . Everything’s black ! Looks super sexy ❤ on Sunday .

So go try this new style in 2K16 .

Outfit Details :

  1. Black colored Transparent shirt – Bandra Hill road – INR 300/-
  2. Black #bralette – Bandra Hill road – INR 200/-
  3. Black Stretch Tattoo Choker – Bandra Market – INR 50/-
  4. Golden sandals – Dmart  INR 200/-

I wore my high waisted denim , you can wear anything , maybe a skirt or shorts.

Photo Courtesy : Pranay Kumbhar ,

That’s all about my today’s story . Thanks a lot for reading it  . I hope you like it . And if you do please give a thumbs up . Don’t forget to follow , share and comment . Stay tuned for me .

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Happy New Year ❤ Stay blessed :* 

This is Heroineee signing off ! HaveItFlauntIt

Lots of love


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