Getting bold & edgy with FYND – Coolest fashion shopping app in the town

Hello stunners !!

Today I’m going to share my incredible experience with an online shopping app. I’m a Shopaholic and I love shopping clothes. There are days when I can’t step out of my house and still want to buy clothes / shoes /accessory. What do I do? 

Very simple, FYND it after I came across this app : FYND

Let me introduce you to Fynd – Fashion for the “now” generation. Fynd is a new way of nearby fashion shopping without even bothering to step out of your home/office. I thought of giving it a shot.

I downloaded the app first, which is available for both IOS and Android users for free download.

When you’re done with downloading, registering and you go the Collections in the app, it looks like this:


It has these great feature called Collection other than brand which you can follow , my favorites are : Salman’s favorite ( Because I’m his fan ❤ ) , Stand out and Get gorgeous.  It also has rare pieces in its collection which are sold out on other sites or are not available. Some of the brands are Being Human Clothing, Puma, AND, Clarks etc.

What I bought from FYND?


So I ordered AND’s Mustard Jacket from the Get Gorgeous collection on the  FYND app.  A bomber in mustard yellow, embellished with size zipper and front-open style.  The color is so appealing and bold, gives you a different confidence when you wear it. Goes with the winter season, makes you feel warm and comfortable.

Enter a caption

What differentiate Fynd from other apps is its best three features:

  • Superfast Delivery(on an average Fynd delivers the products within 4 hours, unmatched by any competitor in the industry)
  • Fynd-A-Fit(order 2 sizes of same apparel, try at home and keep the one fitting best, return the other apparel to the delivery person)
  • Fresh Fashion(they deliver in hyper-local fashion, everything that is live in brand stores in your city is available through Fynd)

I ordered it around 3 pm . Got a confirmation call from their executive in an hour and it got delivered by 7pm, in just 3 hours. Can you beat that?  They promise to deliver it within 4 hours and they do it .

The packaging was too good. It has cash on delivery option and a revolutionary payment system which is live on the app, FLASHPAY.  I chose cash on delivery, for those who want to make an online payment here’s the ultimate solution .

Flashpay is the fastest and completely seamless one-touch mobile payment, unmatched by competition. You can read more about Flashpay here. All the details are filled in one module and then you make the payment in a single touch, choosing your preferred method and wait for your order to arrive.

Talking about the price it’s a wow thing!!  It retails for INR 2299/- and got it for INR 1207/-  , that’s the discounted rate . Isn’t that amazing? Having such amazing jacket in your wardrobe completely in budget is so cool ❤ . The best part is you can enjoy great discounts and unique deals every time they run an interesting campaign. Yayyy !!!

I’m overall very happy and satisfied and this app is going to stay forever on my phone . 

I found love with FYND , what about you ?


So give it a try , download the app now :



 Thanks a lot for reading it  . I hope you like it . And if you do please give a thumbs up . Don’t forget to follow , share and comment below . Stay tuned for more fashion and style stories .

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This is Heroineee signing off ! HaveItFlauntIt

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