Hello, stunners!

Party time? Nothing to wear? This happens with me every time. Though I love shopping but I end up buying casual clothes which I can use daily because spending on an expensive outfit for a cocktail party or clubbing which I’ll hardly wear is not my thing. I don’t like spending on such pieces unless it’s my birthday or someone takes me shopping. Haha !!

I have tried Flyrobe app twice and I am very happy with their service. I had to go out with a friend to a party which was a cocktail party! Yay, It’s hot though it’s winter so a much-needed break was the must. But as usual, what to wear? questions popped in my mind. And I thought about FLYROBE, it’s a life saver – Amen! Hallelujah!

I jumped from my bed in search of my phone, got my phone, opened the App on my phone real quick and started browsing in search of an outfit. I came across this Off Shoulder Floral Dress from ZABEL, which cost Rs. 399/- only to rent. Off shoulder outfit is always in trends and they’re the hottest one. Without giving a second thought I added it in my shopping cart! Because I loved it <3. When you’re wearing such a pretty and stunning dress you need some statement accessory which I didn’t have. I ordered this Boxy black bag from DESI DRAMA QUEEN for Rs.99/- & Pearl Earrings from STONEPLAY for Rs. 49/- 







Order your party dress from FLYROBE and save thousand bucks baby! Be smart like me 😛 

So I got this whole look  rent in just Rs. 547/– from FLYROBE, which is amazing because the total MRP is 7950/- 

So that’s all about my Cocktail party look. 

Photos by: Tanmay Zokande

 Suggested and must try dresses from FLYROBE 

P.S: If you do order your dress, put it up on Instagram and tag me and Flyrobe, with the #TheHeroineeexFlyrobe – Use the code  JEMMBXG and get RS.600/- off your order!!

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