Being a Bong! – INDIAN SERIES PART 1

So last week I got a mail from a Photographer and he wanted to Collaborate with me for  a theme based shoot. And the theme was Bengali theme, I was like what ? but I really didn’t mind. It didn’t take me time to say yes. I love trying and experimenting something different. So I came up with this thought of doing a whole Indian Series, wherein you’ll see me in different looks. Today’s story isn’t a style story, it’s more of a lifestyle story. This is my Indian Series Part 1 – Based on Bengali theme.


Since I’m not a Bengali, I had to do lot of research on how a Bengali women dress up ? What accessories they wear ? The Basic Bengali style is actually very simple and sensual. Yes, the basic red and white sari is simple and very sensual. Honestly I loved the whole look and I was enjoying it.Let me tell you it’s not an easy task to be a bong girl. Especially when you’re sweating in the hot summer and you have the Red Alta on your hands :p I felt like I’m painting myself red.

How did I get the style ?

  • The Korial Sari



    Every self-respecting Bengali woman would have at least one Korial lal paar sari in her wardrobe; the quintessential white sari with a red border. Much on the same lines of its cousin, the Garad sari, but with a deeper hue of red and solid colour in it! You would find married mostly wearing the Korial, during Durga Puja or offering the Goddess the same.

  •  Red Bindi and Pearl Earrings

    A big red bindi with red and white dots made from “gandak” above the eyebrows. Also the pearl earrings and golden rings enhanced the look ❤

  • Gold Neck Chains, Shakha and Pola


    Completing the look by combining Long and Short Gold chains . Shakha are white bangles of conch-shell and Pola are red bangles made of red corals. You can also add multi-color kadas to enhance the look.

  • Alta


    Alta is a bright red dye or liquid color used to adorn palms and feet in simple patterns. Painting the soles with this red liquid dye and adorning the upper foot with elaborate designs to bring out the beauty of the feet, Alta is a common Indian tradition, particularly during religious festivals and weddings. In fact, a Bengali bride is incomplete if her hands and feet are not adorned with Alta. In other words, Alta is another form of putting Mehendi.

Can’t do without Alta on hands and legs. They’re mandatory.
Enjoy the Look !






Makeup Details :

  1. Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick – Eternal Red 
  2. Maybelline The Colossal Liner – Black

  3. Krylon concealer – Code 303
  4. Nelf Perfect Match long lasting waterproof foundation – 02 Shade
  5. Very me Blush, code – 24350 Pretty pink – Oriflame

That’s all about being a bong girl ! 

I hope you enjoyed reading  it, if you did don’t forget to like,subscribe and comment on what are your thoughts on it ? and what would you like to see next?

Thanks for reading.

PHOTO COURTESY : Jyotirmoy Gupta

 Stay tuned for more style and lifestyle stories

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Till then HaveItFlauntIt ! 

Thanks a lot !!!

Lots of love


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