* Perfectly Imperfect *


While sipping coffee and talking to Shruti at CCD, talking about our imperfection. Gave me the subject for my today’s story “IMPERFECTION” . I’m not perfect and even she’s not. We admire and accept our imperfections. Though at times we tease each other in a fun way. But we all know Nobody is Perfect. Life is about being perfectly imperfect. You just have to be flawsome, embrace your flaws and know you’re awesome. No matter how you look and what you do, you have to feel good within, If you’re good from inside things will be good. If you ain’t good from within you won’t feel good. There are people who feel they’re not so perfect that’s why things got messed up. You ain’t good for them and I was one of those. Later I realized they don’t give a fuck about you, Its you who can make things good. Love yourself , Try to embrace your flaws and feel good about you. Because if you can’t feel good about yourself how can other’s feel good about you. And if you feel good you look good. Embrace the mess you’re and you’ll be loved for your imperfection. Don’t forget nobody can be you and you’re special. Make friends, fall in love and work for your passion with your imperfections, I’m sure you’ll be happy. I know its not easy but we gotta try and push our ass !

Love your IMPERFECTIONS and be a Better YOU ❤







Photos by – Jyotirmoy Gupta


We’re just being our self in the pictures, loving our body and soul. Being the best version of us or you can say being Perfectly Imperfect. 

Outfit Details :

Jemmy – Black and grey Cozy Dress – Bandra Hill Road

Shruti – Top from Street Style Store, Ripped Jeans- Ritu Shop, Bandra

So that’s all about today’s lifestyle story, I hope you like it.Also we wish you Happy Friendship’s Day ❤ 

 Stay tuned for more style and lifestyle stories

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Till then HaveItFlauntIt ! 

Thanks a lot !!!

Lots of love


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