Vibrant & Exotic colors

There are days when you’re just sitting home thinking what to do and girls like me end up shopping ! Hahaha 😛 , I mostly have all online shopping apps on my Le 2 phone. Hence, shopping made easy ❤


So today’s style story is what I shopped from Wooplr and how did I styled it into a look.

 Basically Wooplr is India’s Top Fashion Discovery app , you can share your own style by uploading a full length picture and you may also get featured and earn style miles, which can be redeemed later to shop, isn’t it amazing ?

Coming back to vibrant colors, who says it makes you look only pretty ? Sometimes vibrant colors add drama to your look. And patterns matters a lot too, I love deep neck or a deep back patters. It simply creates exotic element to your look. Monsoon doesn’t have to be dull it needs to vibrant and exotic instead. Ditch those simple colorful and invest in good pattern outfits.

I’m wearing the Aah aloha top by Shop Nineteen teaming it with a High-slit Animal pencil print skirt by Spring Break. I love the vibrant colors and simple front covered patterns with back cutout pattern giving me the chic look. The skirt is classy and sexy, perfect for your work or a brunch look. Accessorizing minimal with a Peacock Earrings which compliments the look pretty well because the whole color of my outfit is inspired from the peacock color shade. I loved the whole look, it was stylish and comfortable. I’ve also tried a messy side hair braid. Enjoy the look ❤







Outfit Details :

Hair & Makeup :

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed and loved the look, if you did don’t forget to like,subscribe and comment on what are your thoughts on it ? and what would you like to see next?


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