All about my experience with Qtrove- Curated with love <3 <3

Hello stunners !! How did Navratri treat you? Well It’s hard to believe it’s over and we gotta wait for one long year like we do, but its worth the wait. Like you all know I’m ardent online shopper ( Women’s are ) , Every week their’s a new parcel coming and my parents want to kill me for that, so obvious !! Well, online shopping isn’t bad, it had made me a pro bro 😛 and I came across Qtrove, I’m Glad I did !!

So I got my hands on Natural, Handmade and Organic Products from Qtrove . I’m going to review few products which I’ve got and used lately. Qtrove ,is a marketplace for curated and handmade products. Check their website here :

You’ll also find below a discount coupon for my Internet fam <3, how super cool ??? So Let’s start the review


Because of shoots and makeup my face has lately got damaged, why? Because I was too lazy to take care of it. So to keep my face clean from the sunlight and chemicals,I got Skin Diet Face Cleanser  You have to take a little amount of it in hand, apply it on your wet face and keep it for 5-10 mins. Rinse it with warm water, my face was clean and fresh after using it and I felt rejuvenated. I’ve used it 2-3 times. It also smells good ( plus point ) Skin Diet is an indispensable cleanser to battle the harshness of the Indian sun. A must try for those for who love Natural and Organic products.



I love lip balms and I’ve reviewed some on my YouTube channel, so I wanted a lip balm and Winter is going to here, who wants chapped lips dude?? I’ve got this Chocalate Lip Balm. This Lip balm is really very chocolaty, It includes Beeswax, Shea butter, Olive oil, natural vanilla essence and cocoa powder. Moisturizes your lips pretty well. I use it while before going to bed or when I’m home after bath. Trust me you would want to eat your lips after applying it or someone else would want to that 😛 Hahah !! Just kidding. But the quantity is amazing for its price. I’m loving it.



Picture courtesy – Sagar Tanna 

I’m officially a permanent Jhumka lover and that’s why when I saw these Terracotta Jhumka I didn’t think twice before getting it. And I loved itttt!! It’s an eco friendly jhumka which is beautifully made, with love. I’m surely gonna buy more Jhumkas from Qtrove. The beauty about it is you can pair it with a normal tee or kurti and trust me it’ll look fab. I’ve used it for my upcoming style story, wait for it. Here’s the glimpse of it in the picture above ❤

angry bird.jpg

Picture courtesy – Sagar Tanna 

I’m gonna say the truth. I bought it because I found it cute and trust me it is very cute, what do you guys think??? This bag is up-cycled product made from pure cotton and jeans material. But the string is long enough for kids 5- 13 age group but still I got it ” dil toh baccha hai ji” Also I’ve used this also in my upcoming style story, wait for it. But if you have a kid or you’re a kid a must buy cute thing.

So overall I’m happy with their service and products. I give a Big thumbsup to Qtrove, Go ahead and shop !!

USE COUPON CODE – BLOGJN20 ( 20% off on first online paid order above Rs 300 ) 

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