Confessions of being a fashion blogger 

Finally, I’ve got time to share what’s going on in my life, specially Blogging life and today it’s time to share #ConfessionsOfBeingABlogger.


Little what you know about me that I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger because that’s what I share through my blogs to my readers and audiences. Yeah, that’s true that I’m a blogger but that isn’t it. I always wanted to be an actor first, the love towards acting and short films was very intense. But things didn’t work well for it and somehow I lost the connection to it.


Life became lifeless and then I found out what’s a fashion blog. Inspired by amazing fashion bloggers and my keen interest in fashion and styling,  I started my blogging journey. It’s not like click 10 pictures and post it with anything I feel like. Frankly, I didn’t plan and start my blog like others did , I had no contacts with photographer’s nor I had any degree in fashion. It was just a pure passion to share my style and lifestyle stories to my readers and inspire other people.


But behind our blogs we’re all the same people. Very silly , you’ll probably find us doing home chores or getting groceries in shorts , we ain’t always pretty you know. Coming back to blogs, I kept thinking the whole day what I would do next right after posting my blog. I met many photographers during this blogging journey, some were amazing and some flirty. There was a time I had no photographer, my friend Mona came to rescue all the time and I can’t thank her enough. I had no money to pay any photographer because I don’t earn through my blog. But since people loved my blog, photographers contacted me for Collabs.


Things become more difficult without any support. I’m a B.M.S Graduate with no job and I can’t ask my parents to fund me for my blog because they already did enough for me. I managed things through my savings, selling my clothes online. Am I doing it to survive in the blogging world ? Maybe yes ! If you ask me why ? ” Because I love doing it. After acting its the only thing which made me feel myself, who I am and what I want to do. At times I felt like a loser because I had no work like my friends did. I’m a blogger who’s bold and edgy style is mistaken by few creeps asking me for hookups. Let me tell you one thing straight guys,  ” I dress to express not to impress some fucking assholes like you who’s busy peeping into cleavage and  butt with your dirty thoughts. I won’t stop what I do. Bold looks don’t decide my character, Phew !!” But there are also people who don’t want me to stop blogging, who inspire me to be a better me and this is for you <3. Thanks a lot. 



 I’m an aspiring PR person but no matter what I won’t stop blogging. It’s very simple, do what you love and love what you do. Don’t let ” what will people say affect your dreams “I love what I do. I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger “TheHeroineee” which firmly believes ” If you have it, flaunt it”

Theme : Lights 

My look : Breaking the stereotype of a Modern Indian Girl. It’s not conventional to pair up a deep V-neck Gown with dupatta, jhumkas, bindi and White Shoe. It’s about being fierce and not hiding who you’re. It’s about taking a step towards your dream. It’s about being you ❤

If you read this thanks a lot,  I love you ❤

PHOTO COURTESY : Rahul Ghanekar ( He’s a very talented person ) 

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Till then HaveItFlauntIt ! 

Thanks a lot !!!


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