Being a Badass chic !!

Firstly a big thanks to all of you for your amazing and kind words. It really feels great to read your messages which again inspires me. I love you all and keep the love coming <3.


So, Now that’s what you’re going to think when you see the featured image of my blog. Not so usual, I’ve mostly tried dark colored outfit with look which would go on the brighter side. But unlike those today’s style story is a different (as usual) because I wanted the whole dark look, umm.. something like a Badass ! So there’s a lot of concerts and gigs happening in Mumbai and other places. Well I’ve never been there but my outlook for such concerts are they’re amazing ! I so badly want to be a part of it, maybe next year 😀 

I’ll be a complete badass chic for such concerts and that’s why I’ve created this simple yet stunning look. I hope you like it. 



Like you all know Palazzo are in trend and it’s something I personally love, ditching those denims and shorts I went along with a Lace palazzo trouser which adds the edgy tint to my look. I’m wearing a sleeveless top with prints which shows how much I love fries ❤ Haha (Just kidding) pairing it with my Black Lace Palazzo trouser completing the look with Space Grey High heel Boots. 






Outfit Details : 

Sleeveless print top – Andheri Lokhandwala , Black Lace Palazzo trouser – Myntra , Space Grey High heel Boots – Paprika & Black Studded bag – Colaba Causeway.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the whole look, if you did don’t forget to hit like,subscribe and comment down below ❤ 

PHOTO COURTESY : Rahul Ghanekar 

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Till then HaveItFlauntIt ! 

Thanks a lot !!!




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