Fu#k Monday’s look !! 

Apologies for late post. Hola Stunners ❤

It’s Friday and I’m already thinking about Monday ! When it comes to Monday’s the working people and the college student are quite blunt about how they feel about Monday’s. Its almost same like a kid nagging about going to school ! Quite funny yet true. Weekends are the days to enjoy, have fun and rest. We never have a sorted look for the other day right? So here I’m with coolest Monday look for you ” Fu#k Monday’s look !!”


Wearing T-shirts in a quirkiest yet simple way is the thing people miss out these days. There is a saying , Action speaks louder than words ? Well according to me, our style speaks louder than words. I absolutely love these quirky simple T-shirts with text prints on it by Bewakoof.  So I went ahead styling it in a simple & sophisticated way. 

I’m being a little girly year wherein my roots are a bit tomboyish. I’ve paired my T-shirt with a High-slit Animal pencil print skirt, good for a Work look or Day-out look. I’ve re-used this style effotlessly with no shame again, Here’s when I’ve used it first-  https://theheroineee.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/vibrant-exotic-colors/ 

Minimizing the stress over accessories, I’ve just used a white lace as a choker and a silver ring . Also added few fancy buttons to my T-shirt to give a quirky tint.  Completed my look with my boots , since winter is here and I needed an excuse to wear it. That’s all about it. Enjoy the look ❤





Outfit Details :

Fu#k T-shirtBewakoof,  High-slit Animal pencil print skirt by Spring Break WooplrBoots – Forever 21, Ring and Bag – Colaba Causeway !

If you read it , Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the whole look, if you did don’t forget to hit like,subscribe and comment down below telling me about your ” FU#K Monday look ” Till then #haveitflauntit

PHOTO COURTESY : Rahul Ghanekar 

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Thanks a lot !!!


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