Hola stunners !! It’s been a week I didn’t post anything. I have been working on my posts, also shoots and events. It’s been an insanely amazing month. I was in the own trippy world !! I wasn’t very good with self-esteem back in 2016 but I’ve learned and grown so much. My parents and my friends have been my greatest support, I had good and tough times and they were right there supporting me. I’m grateful to them and you. ‘YOU’ guys are my ultimate support, the one who reads my blogs and who’s always keen about what’s next on my blog. Thank you so much being awesome and for getting me all the positive vibes I needed presently.


We usually have days wherein we feel so wasted. We sit and think..think..think about various stuff. Let me tell you I’m one those thinkers. I think about various things and topics. Career, Relationship, and Money. But it wasn’t about really about myself. I never sat down and thought about my own abilities. I just went with the flow.  That’s how it happens with all of us we just like to go with a flow.


Today’s story is more of about ‘SELF IMAGE’ Many of us are unaware of the meaning of the word ” Self Image ” Here’s the googled meaning which says – Self Image is the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality.  But the idea itself fades with our growing interest in other’s life and moving forward in life blindly forgetting our own self. Making other’s opinion our opinion. We’re so busy in being someone’s ideal something..ignoring our true self.

Even I was completely unenlightened about it. Until one day when my friend from Bangalore went from a short hair to bald. I was like wtf!! are you kidding me? Are you insane? But I believe in accepting other people’s choice. She told me she did it for self-image or self-identity. That’s how this thing got stored in my mind. Well! I was impressed ( this girl got guts !!)  More than that I liked the way she accepted herself. She knew what she wanted and she did what she wanted without giving a damn about people. What we need presently is the freedom for self-expression, everyone is so scared to express their own self with the fear of getting judged. Do you even think this fucking society has anything to do with our lives? NO !!! They’re just bored and all of a sudden you’re the topic baby. We gotta focus on our growth.


-Brene Brown 

Sometimes we present ourselves like people want us to see. I believe everyone has the right and they should flaunt how awesomely weird and different they’re. It’s strange for some people and not me that I talk to myself. I even talk to stray dogs because duh! that’s how I am and that makes me happy. I don’t care what a man passing beside me will think about me because I know he thinks I’m crazy and I am crazy in my own way.  Trust me people will call you insane but it’s the best way to connect to yourself. Nothing else but ‘ You’ are important. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I’m not afraid of failing in life because it’s okay to fail and learn from it.I’m ready for all the challenges life gets me ” Bring it on !!” It’s not gonna be easy but we gotta work hard for ourselves. You’ve just got a one life baby make the most of it. Be yourself, Be you.

Thanks a lot for making my life beautiful and helping me grow so much. I love you all ❤




Shot & Edited by Mihir Thakkar 

Location: Cafe Mojo

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Till then HaveItFlauntIt!

Thanks a lot !!!



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