Be special for your special – Valentine’s day special !!

Happy Valentine’s Day stunners❤Valentine’s is here and of course I’m here with a Valentine’s post ❤. February is a month full of love and affection, isn’t it ? I’m already getting so much love and affection from you guys and I can’t thank you enough. I love you guys so much.. I’m surely gonna keep a meet up soon 😘


Coming back to today’s blog. Right from planning about where and how to celebrate Valentine’s the biggest question comes is what to wear? Let me tell you go for something which is absolutely comfortable and sexy. Your comfort matters a lot like I say in all my post. If you feel good you’ll look good. And I know there’s this intense pressure on us to look special for our special or maybe for our own self which is absolutely normal because girl I relate to you and I completely get it !

So a month ago I was helping mom to clean her wardrobe and I found this beautiful saree which she wasn’t using anymore. And my fashion blogger sense whispered “Why not make something stunning with this amazing fabric ?” Within a few minutes I convinced her to give it to me so that I get something productive out of it.
I made a stunning gown out of it which is my ultimate date outfit for Valentine’s. That’s the best way to get something out of a old fabric be it your mom’s beautiful saree. I love ethnic wear but I wear it very rarely when I have the ethnic vibes inside me popping out. But other than I’m a more comfortable wearing westerns, something bold and edgy – that’s my style baby.

I’ve recreated a Sexy Slit Evening Gown out of my mom’s Georgette saree. I would go with this Sexy Grey gown than wearing something red because come on now that’s very common and obvious. Try some new colors like grey, blue and olive, but don’t forget to keep the sexy look consistent. For accessories – Wore my junk silver rings and bracelets. Completed my look with my dark red lipstick.  That’s how I reuse my Mom’s party wear saree and so can you. And you can use such stunning piece for a Wedding function and brunch parties as well. Worth it, isn’t it ??

Till then enjoy the look ,




Shot & Edited by – Mihir Thakkar 

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