Styling Athleisure !!

Hola everyone !! Today’s style story is about “Styling Athleisure” with Wulfram Athletics  !!


Athleisure is a clothing designed for workouts and exercise. In the world of Fashion, “Athleisure” is in trend because of its design and people’s unique way to style and wear it. Right from work look to street style, it can be used anywhere. But like you know in the world of fashion and personal style it’s about breaking the rules and being different.  The best part is it’s super comfortable, sexy to flaunt those curves and convenient. It’s never a waste in investing in stylish athleisure because Hey come on! You feel good, You’ll look good.

 I’m wearing Kapstone Tank top from Wulfram Athletics adding my Denim Jacket, pairing it with black tights and White sneakers. This is the simplest yet the stylish look you can go for.  Also, I’ve added a cap for a tomboy kinda feel, I love being a Tomboy.




So that’s all about today’s style story.  Do check Wulfram Athletics for amazing and comfortable Athleisure available for Men’s and Women’s. 

If you read it, Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the whole look if you did don’t forget to hit like, subscribe and comment down below.

Shot & Edited by Akash Patel 

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Till then HaveItFlauntIt !

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