Bold & Breezy ft.Satva


At times I’m paranoid thinking what to wear because Denim and Tops are too common now, I remember during my school times wearing denim especially low waist was in trend and I would be one of those who would go with high waist because I thought that’ll help my tummy to be in shape, Haha! But now everything has changed. I can bet all the teenagers know what’s trending and what not and they definitely follow it. Apart from fashion, I’m sure that you might want to know more about lifestyle. Ahan! Don’t worry I’ll give you some ” Gyaan “

So presently I’m crushing over this Lifestyle brand I came across named: SATVA which makes organic athletics and yoga clothing.

I’m wearing Baby Tee In Black (Top section) pairing it with Mantra Legging In Scratch Print ( Bottom section ) from SATVA completing my look with White sneakers. 

 There wasn’t any single moment I felt uncomfortable instead it was so easy breezy. Breezy mesh designed pattern on the shoulder and back of the top making it uber stylish. Scratch pattern and amazing body hugging fit bottom. The combination of black and scratch print is just so breezy & bold.

250517-084216 (1)

We tend to sweat a lot during summer’s while working out or Yoga. People tend to get rashes on their leg and thigh areas because of sweat and that’s obvious because we wear body fitting clothes which aren’t organic. But it won’t happen with SATVA

I love the fact that it’s organic but for me, it’s very important to stand out in how does it look. Let me tell you it feels really amazing and comfortable. And about how does it look, Have a look!








On your first purchase Avail 15 % off by applying coupon code – SATVAJN15, Happy Shopping !!

Photos by  Sneha 

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